a test?

Friendships can never be based in tests. Why is it even necessary for you to test me just for you to trust me fully? You'll know that it's friendship when there's a test and both of us can overcome it with victory in our hands and heart! Why can't you understand it? Why do we need to waste our time? You making a test for me? Me solving your test? I really want you to trust me the way I trust you! I want you to treat me like I treat you! I don't wanna fight with you at all! I just wanna hang out with you! If I hurt your feelings, then Sorry! I know you're sensitive, but apologies are meant to be accepted! I really want you! As my best friend! I don't know why! Maybe that's because we share the same past, we have the same experiences, we share the same pain and we even shared the same shelter - the darkness [before]! But I have this feeling inside of me! It feels that I need to cling to you! I need to be your best friend! You always looked at me with hatred! You only see me as your rival! Your enemy! But I don't want that at all! I've never looked with you with hatred! I never see you as my enemy! Never! I see you as my best friend! I don't understand why but I really do want to be your best friend! Please let me be! Please acknowledge me! I'm begging you because this feelings of mine are taking control of me now! I want you as my precious friend... I'm getting impatient! But I will never give up, even if it means to fight with a handicap, though i may take some rest and say i'm lazy! 

[dedicated to a friend who is sensitive and has many sides]


Jadey19 said...

..hehe! wala lang. hindi ako ganun kahilig. nagsisimula pa lang dahil dito sa zettai kareshi. (aibu saki & hayami mokomichi). dinadownload ko nga ngayon yung drama ni mokomichi na Oh! My Girl! Ang cute-cute nya. Crush mo ba sya? :D

Jadey19 said...

..ah! ikaw si renlay? tama spelling?! :D

Jadey19 said...

..c hiro kilala ko, pero si jun? hindi. sino ba un? oo, adik rin ako sa korean especially super junior. ikaw? :D