i am simply happy this day~ :] at long last! my bestfriend forgave me!!!! and by the way today is our friendship monthsary, 9th of november! haha! im so happy. :]

though i have other issues with my other friends, i feel contented, satisfied, comfortable and happy.

but through this situation i already have a hint who are my real friends. :]

other than that, i am satisfied with my grades now!

here's a list of my scores:

TLE - 51/70 = 72%

Chemistry - 53/60 = 88%

Geometry - 49/55 = 89%

English - 50/55 = 90%

AP Asian History - 62/68 = 91%

Trigonometry - 58/60 = 97%

Filipino - 74/75 = 98%

MAPEH III - 54/55 = 98%

at least my grades are updated! and i wish that in next quarter exams, i can do better!

praise God!! :)

and im proud of her~!!! having high scores~!!! yey!!!!!

on the other side i still can't forget my ring! i still haven't found it~ a puzzle ring (gold, silver, bronze) and the other ring which has a diamond, heart, clover, & spade carved in it! huhuhu.

THANKS GOD for today! and HELP ME! hahahaha!! :))

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