Achievement unlocked: officially graduated from college

Praise the Lord!

“The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”

SA WAKAS GRUMADWEYT DIN! Tapos na naman ang isang yugto ng buhay. Kasunod nun, ang pagbukas ng bagong pahina ng bagong yugto ng buhay. Excited nako sa nilalaman ng pahinang iyon! Hahaha! 

First and foremost, I thank God for his unending grace and blessings. 

 Dedicated to my parents, relatives, ninongs, ninangs, tito, and tita who unceasingly supported me.

To my friends who gave me the strongest fighting spirit needed for surviving Manila and college life.  
To my professors from UST and teachers from Al-Hekma International School back in Jeddah who molded me into what I am today. 

To my supervisors and colleagues from Teleperformance who didn't stop encouraging me even after I resigned.

Lastly, to my long-time boyfriend, for being the super hero, always being there to listen to all my rants and woes.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Without you guys, I will never be where I am today. :)

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