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Day 1 in the Philippines after eight months in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Beauty/Personal services are so expensive back in Saudi Arabia so I opt to wait until I go home to the Philippines to pamper myself. I arrived here in PH at around 10AM. So I have enough time to "beautify" myself. =))

Okay, so while strolling at Trinoma - Landmark, I decided to have my eyelashes and nails done (since they are beside each other). I'll do a separate review about my eyelashes. :D

MICH and MYL Nails.

I thought it was pronounced as mitch but I was wrong. It is pronounced as mayk and mayl. Mayk, the abbreviation of Michael; and Mayl, the abbreviation of Mylene. They are the owners of the salon. 

First thing I do before I decide to enter a salon is to search for reviews in Google and in Facebook (just click "Facebook" if you want to see their page). I do this every single time so that I will have an idea on what to expect. :D

At that time, I cannot see any good quality reviews about it in google, so I relied from Facebook alone. I am happy with the results from Facebook. Good amount of likes and reviews compared to other branches so I decided to have my nails done with them. :>

 The receptionist was very accommodating. 
 The ambiance is very classy.
 It was a Saturday afternoon, but there were only 3 customers including me. Contrary to what I expect, thanks God I didn't wait! :x
 Regarding the nail polish, I wanted to try the "Gel Polish..." that changes colors! For the Gel polish, I heard that it lasts longer compared to a normal nail polish. For the changing of colors, they call it "two-way." There are relatively few choices. After 10 minutes of pondering :-? ... I chose the black and nude/transparent. Perfect for office! raaak \m/

Here are the pictures.

The outer color (white) represents the regular color.
The inner color (black) represents the color when it is cold or submerged to cold water.

This is the UV Lamp to "cure" or dry the nails. :D

I also availed the organic foot spa service with free pedicure. It is also good! 
(Sorry for my fat legs!)

 Regarding the price... My reaction is this: /omg

I paid a total of 1,650 PHP. 1000 for the two way polish, then 650 for the foot spa. :D

At the end, I felt good so I think it is  to pay that amount.

We all work hard, so we all deserve a good break. :)


UPDATE: It is true! It lasted for a month!!! 

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