Election Rant

This is so disappointing. (Pertaining to the screenshot below)

We should really remove the idea of spending too much on election paraphernalia. Later you'll know why.

We campaigned for her. Also, there are groups of people who campaigned for her and gave out the said flyers, stickers, etcetera. But is that really the point?

How much money are we going to shed just for elections, when qualifications should be the real consideration for voting? The cost of political advertisements, tarpaulins, shirts, all of these can be put into better use than for personal benefit.

What we should do as citizens is to be proactive! The laws we are enjoying, the laws that protect us, the particular law we are benefiting from... Why can't we stop for a moment and ask ourselves who made that law? Maybe you'll find yourself answering the same name most of the time, it is "Miriam Defensor Santiago."

This person, Miriam Defensor Santiago, authored some of the most important laws and bills. There is no corruption rumors about her. Only health issues, that of course, should not matter the most (like how it doesn't matter that your president is not morally upright, i.e. jokes about rape, cursed the pope, wanting to destroy international relationships, inconsistent when it comes to statements, multiple wives, the list can go on). Moreover, that person is not stupid to run if she knows death is approaching. Even her doctors said that she is recovering well.

You even said "If you wanted MDS to rise above the polls, you would've promoted her to those who are blinded of their conviction, and made people aware of what she's capable of."

Exactly my point! We've done our part! And the rest is for the taong bayan to research on their own! Ano to? Super spoonfeeding lang? Media did their part too! All those years na tinagal nya di nila nabalitaan ung mga nagawa nya? Selective listening lang ang peg ng ears? Cancer lang narinig at tumatak? Yeah, bad things tend to be remembered rather than the good things. Moreover, what Filipinos want kasi is instant! Yes, that idealist 3 to 6 months corruption-free government!

You also asked "Oh anong ginawa niyo?" and said "Tapos ngayon isisisi niyo sa taong bayan, lalaitin niyo pa? Kesyo bobo sila? Eh hindi nga sila aware kung sino talaga si MDS at ano talaga ang kakayahan niya na maiahon ang bansa. Campaign period nga eh, dapat pinagtuunan ng pansin, hindi yung pinagpabahala niyo nalang."

What we did? We did a lot without too much economic expense actually! By word of mouth, by social media, and for other volunteers, they also put up tarpaulins, gave flyers and stuff. But again, I repeat! I firmly believe that it is the collective fault of Filipinos. I wouldn't call them stupid. The term should be reactive! 

Let's put aside the fact that she is the first Filipino to be elected as a judge in an international court and the rest of her credentials. Let us ask ourselves nalang...

For women in the Philippines, who do you think authored the law that protects us?

For call center agents, who do you think pushes a magna carta to protect you?

For senior citizens who still thinks that they are strong enough to work but cannot because of the age limit/discrimination, who do you think pushes the age limit restriction to 70 years old?

For online journalists and bloggers, who do you think pushes for you guys to be included in the senate bill protecting journalists?

The list will go on and on and on.

While you are busy joining the bandwagon, so amazed by what happened in a particular province, hopeful that it will happen nationwide too, listening to baseless rumors, waiting for envelopes with money to be given, this woman out there has proven herself way longer before the campaigning period. She is doing her best to legislate laws to protect you!

For so long, yet you didn't care to notice? Yes, you didn't care! Didn't even bother to ask yourself, who has shown the most desire to protect you?! O diba, nakakainis lang.

What more if she was given the chance be the president of the Philippines! Hays!

Well, I accepted the results already. I just hope that Filipinos will be proactive rather than being reactive to popularity and just simply joining the majority's bandwagon. Let's also remove the idea that the number of campaign materials be the basis of our decisions in voting. Let's focus sa results and qualifications ng bawat candidate. Oh well, long live the Philippines!

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