by - Tuesday, September 25, 2012

by Ren Concha

The spaces between our fingers
The emptiness that lingers

This intense emotion of neither happiness nor sadness
This poignant eyes desperately yearning for belongingness

A human being living with such history
Suffering the ruins in deep solitary

How could she ever be brimming of radiance
When the riddle of love is an extreme hindrance

Such puzzles entwined preordained to torment
The labyrinth of unknown serpents as opponent

Each moment left in wide isolation
Appears this anxious feeling of desolation

Apparently you are the only answer and resolution
To every problem of mine that needed a solution

Probably you are the answer to the riddle
And the path to the labyrinth's puzzle

Play the role you are predestined to in my life's tragedy
and Make the rest a worthwhile transformation to romance-comedy

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