Playing The Game of Life

by - Monday, July 05, 2010

It's not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game.

Playing The Game of Life

Along with choosing your the goal of your life, you get to choose how you will play the game. The popular saying goes " the means justifies the end", and in this case ... how you play the game changes the game itself. Think about it. If you steal and cheat ... your life is going to be spent thinking about how to steal and cheat and avoid getting caught. And if you are caught, you are going invest a lot of time and emotions in handling the unpleasant consequences.

Why Choose To Develop Virtues?

Simply put, if you develop and use virtues in your day to day life ... your path becomes smoother. People will both like and respect you ... and welcome you into their lives. It will be easy to get along with people ... and spot the ones to avoid. 

It is a fact that some people just do not get it ... and they bring chaos, turmoil, drama and toxic energy and events into your life. You know the ones -- everything wrong is because of someone else. 

For a bird's eye view of the virtues and how using them can improve the way you play as well as the game of life itself ... see how they help you get along better with your fellow man and thrive on the planet. 

Shall we get started?

  • Right Concentration : If you focus your attention on peacefulness, responsibility, detachment and tolerance ... your life is going to attract people and events with these qualities into your life.
  • Right Relationship : If you offer the people around you respect, caring, trust, honor, love, friendliness, forgiveness and loyalty ... you will surround yourself with people who value these qualities and offer them to you in return.
  • Right Intention : If all your words and actions come from an attitude of service, trustworthiness, fairness, purposefulness, determination and cleanliness ... people will sense this and respond in kind.
  • Right Mindfulness : If you keep in mind ... and thus your thoughts and actions reflect ... idealism, reverence, self-discipline and gratitude -- you are going to attract people and situations where these virtues are valued, needed and rewarded.
  • Right Thinking : If your thoughts reflect your innate courage, creativity, honesty and generosity ... your speech and actions will demonstrate them to the people around you more clearly than if you shouted it from the treetops.
  • Right Speech : If all your words reflected and embodied truthfulness ... tact ... helpfulness ... understanding ... thankfulness ... and consideration ... people will notice it and welcome you into their presence.
  • Right Effort : If you come from a place of steadfastness, resourcefulness, perseverance, moderation, and faithfulness ... you can withstand any challenge and overcome any obstacle.
  • Right Action : If all your actions reflect the integrity, courtesy, kindness, gentleness, justice and mercy you believe everyone is entitled to ... you will get these same qualities in return from your fellow man as well as the universe.
  • Right Livelihood : If you bring to your work diligence, excellence, enthusiasm, confidence, obedience, reliability and modesty ... your work will show it and your livelihood will prosper.
  • Right Timing : If you embrace the qualities of humility, and balance patience with assertiveness, and orderliness with flexibility ... you will act in harmony with the events and trends around you.
  • Right View : If you view the world with joyfulness and see the inherent unity of all things ... then you will start to see a new world and heaven will appear out of thin air before you.

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