With a Player

by - Wednesday, November 17, 2010

by Ren Concha

I hate liars, users, posers, betrayers,
but  I mostly hate damn players.
They play with you and all,
makin you fall for nothing at all.

You got to test that person first,
before his real intentions burst.
when at last the time comes I have proven it
I realized I was just stupid as it is and so damn it

Out of this throbbing ache knowing I was completely treated as a fool,
I furiously came out of my silent shell with burning rage losing my cool.
Yet I am an educated woman, so I painstakingly freed that boy from prison,
and so in the end even though I know he deserves it, to God I left the decision.

I guess it's too much to expect to have a serious relationship.
It's like holding on to a slippery pole to survive in a sinking ship.
I hope the next time I fall in love even if it's merely an infatuation,
I won't experience any agony nor pain for a change in situation.

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