Treat me like a woman

by - Monday, November 01, 2010

I look like a girl with matching long hair and stuffs. Just no make-up.
But either way, no one particularly cares. After all, I'm just a big fat loser.

I act like a boy, and people got used too it.
I got pretty used to it too. But things are going too far.

Boys think as if that it's okay to hurt me (physically) cause I'm strong, cause I'm not like those usual girls.
And damn it hurts me. When they actually punched their hungry fists to my shoulders, it actually hurts.
I don't feel the pain physically but I was emotionally dumbfounded.
I just felt like I want to cry but I thought it was ridiculous.

Ughh. For once in my lifetime, I want to be treated as a girl, as a woman, I want to feel it. And it sucks since it's impossible with me now.


Treat Me Like A Woman
by Ren Concha

Treat me as a woman, like a girl you've always known.
Treat me as a girl, who have been wanting to wear a gown.
Don't look up upon my strength, cause I'm truly weak.
So why don't you try to know me first before you speak.

Treat me as a woman, like a usual girl who has mixed emotions.
Treat me as a girl, who wants to be protected from cautions.
Don't just punch me and think it's okay; Be more mindful.
And most of all choose your words to say; Be more careful.

Life is a little short, make me feel loved.
Life is pretty unfair, but don't be unreasonable, don't ever run.
Life is a little scary, make me feel secured.
Life is pretty chaotic, but don't forget, I'm still a woman.

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