You do not deserve me

A thousand years is what it feels
After being ignored and now back to normal
A million tears in between those smiles
After playing dumb and now being real

Meaningless, significant imagination lingers
In this dull memory, and now purposely caters
To both mind and soul, it deliberately delivers
Telling me the unrealized truth that only matters

That a person like you isn’t even half-deserving
To someone like me who keeps on trying
To give love more than anything and everything
All left to say is, “You lose, and I win.”

know why? you're so stupid to not notice me.
You're such a foolish person to only ignore me,
play with me and say things that only makes me
expect something. I'm not 'feeler', but
anyone who is in my position will really
assume that way. But one thing that matters,
You lose because I really don't like you
or even loved you after all.
And I win because I hurt your selfish pride
and useless ego.

Teen Creed

Words to Live By

Stick to your Values
They will guide you always to do right.

Honor your Family
They will always be on your side.

Respect yourself and Others
No one will respect you until you do.

Choose your Friends Wisely
Some may try to negatively influence you.

Exercise Caution
Be aware of the dangers and temptations of the world.

Follow your Own Lead
Stand up for what you believe,
and listen to your own voice.

Laugh Often
It's good for mind, body and soul.

Have Faith
And know you are never alone.

A Thankful Heart Is the Way to Happiness

Why do people go through life looking for happiness? Dogs and cats look for food and comfort, but they certainly don't go to all the trouble that people do in their continual search for happiness. I suppose the reason is that we are the only ones who can align ourselves with the hado of happiness.

Many years ago, I had a discussion with a well-known international economist, and he said something that has stuck with me:

Why do you think people continually search for happiness? The reason is because we people have a link to unlimited existence. But many of us make a serious mistake. We set up conditions for happiness based on riches and fame, momentary pleasures, and things that are limited and always changing.

There are those who are rich beyond most of our imaginations, and yet they continue to want more as they strive in vain to find happiness. The reason it's in vain is because they are looking to find unlimited happiness in limited money and riches.

Unless we can become one with the unlimited existence, we will never find true happiness. This requires that we raise our consciousness.

All that can be seen with the human eye is of this limited world. Sooner or later, the material trappings will end, and as long as that is how we define happiness, our hearts will always feel hollow.

Of course I understand that casting aside all desire is not possible or even advisable. In fact, desire is not what's preventing us from finding happiness. An appropriate amount of desire is needed to make people strive for something better, and it's what made it possible for human society to rise to its current level. The problem arises when we become slaves to our desires. Our modern society operates on the ability to stir up desire in the masses.

It's no easy task to find happiness in a society established on insatiable desire. So what is it that we need to do to escape never-ending desire and find happiness? The answer is to have a thankful heart.

More than ever, we live in a time when love and appreciation is truly needed. And I think the right ratio for appreciation and love is 2:1 -- the exact ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in the H2O molecule!

We have seen where words of appreciation and love result in crystals of indescribable beauty. There are no conditions needed for appreciation. We can be thankful for life and for our freedom to move about.

When you align your soul with the hado of appreciation and love, a small drop of happiness will seep into your heart and spread throughout your body. This will link you to the vibration of happiness, and happiness will become a part of your daily life. And this is the secret for finding happiness right now wherever you are.

by Masaru Emoto

Isn't it amazing? To me, it is superb, indeed amazing!

I'd rather be a fool

I'd rather be a fool and live being hurt
than to be wise and live being hated.

I'd rather love and make others happy
than to be self-serving and disappoint others.

I'd rather smile and act cheerful
than to be an emo-much and cause attention.

I'd rather look ugly, plump and simple
than to be beautiful, sexy that is being toyed.

I'd rather be clueless and senseless
than to know everything and dream an impossible dream.

I'd rather be dumb and numb in everything
than to be a feeler to something but actually I'm wrong.

Because being wise makes me think that
I'd rather be her.
She who never sacrificed anything but liked and loved my many.
She who never attracted attention but being the center of it.
She who everyone admired and adored.
She who have a thousand true friends.
She who I thought was never capable being a friend but actually the best one.
and most of all she who have the true love I never experienced before.

Best Friends

Best Friends
by Ren Concha

We both have different worlds by then
But I was attracted in one thing
So I introduced my name, I'm Ren
And oh I'm amazed with her upbringing

We came to like each other's personalities
And then we laugh at each other's stories
And now we share thousands of secrets
We even have each other's pictures

Best Friends is what we are
Wishing at the same star
Having the same dream
Fighting together in one team...


Im not a plaything.
by Ren Concha


make me fall for you a million times
make my heart beat for you a billion times
make me smile for eternity
make me live in serenity

i won't fall for you so fast
but i expect you will last
i won't play hard to get either
i promise I won't be a bother

just prove me I made a right choice
let me know im not one of your toys
make a vow, dont mess with me
make a promise, don't joke with me

i'd rather smash this feeling to bits
than to be with you as a plaything
and i won't think twice i'll call it quits.
than to spend the rest of my life hoping.

by Ren

Love Intended For Everyone - LIFE

Nothing is more complicated than life. But if you look at life in a different way. You'll see that life is originally easy. :) We are just blinded by our own fears and sorrows. We are just afraid to face those facts and still continue to live in undying opinions. In short our eyes are seeing not reality but illusion and our ears are hearing not truths but lies. :(

For me LIFE is GREAT
(Love Intended For Everyone) and (Grand Reality Everyone's Approaching Through)
but for others they say LIFE is
CRUEL, since they
(Cant Really Understand Even Little)...

Look. People have the right to be stupid, but some people abuse that privilege. We didn't even try to understand. We didn't even try to pause and reflect. Some are just a couple of acting ignorant idiots. 

Some are so afraid to open their mouth.

Justice depends on us. We must create it, not find it.

And look, originally, no one is meant to be alone. No one is meant to suffer. No one is meant to cry. But look now, there are couple of emos and loners in society wasting their life living under the darkness. We just don't try to understand our fellow humans. We are just a couple of greedy beings thinking all about ourselves not as a whole. That's why we say Life is cruel, or Life is Unfair, and whatever damn things about life. :( Why don't we learn to open our eyes once again, and now learn the proper way to view life's perspectives. Why don't we learn to open our ears again, for us to take the pain upon hearing those truths. Why don't we learn to speak so our inner voice may really come out. Let's go back being a baby and learn how life plays again. -.-

-Ren. :)