Love Intended For Everyone - LIFE

by - Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Nothing is more complicated than life. But if you look at life in a different way. You'll see that life is originally easy. :) We are just blinded by our own fears and sorrows. We are just afraid to face those facts and still continue to live in undying opinions. In short our eyes are seeing not reality but illusion and our ears are hearing not truths but lies. :(

For me LIFE is GREAT
(Love Intended For Everyone) and (Grand Reality Everyone's Approaching Through)
but for others they say LIFE is
CRUEL, since they
(Cant Really Understand Even Little)...

Look. People have the right to be stupid, but some people abuse that privilege. We didn't even try to understand. We didn't even try to pause and reflect. Some are just a couple of acting ignorant idiots. 

Some are so afraid to open their mouth.

Justice depends on us. We must create it, not find it.

And look, originally, no one is meant to be alone. No one is meant to suffer. No one is meant to cry. But look now, there are couple of emos and loners in society wasting their life living under the darkness. We just don't try to understand our fellow humans. We are just a couple of greedy beings thinking all about ourselves not as a whole. That's why we say Life is cruel, or Life is Unfair, and whatever damn things about life. :( Why don't we learn to open our eyes once again, and now learn the proper way to view life's perspectives. Why don't we learn to open our ears again, for us to take the pain upon hearing those truths. Why don't we learn to speak so our inner voice may really come out. Let's go back being a baby and learn how life plays again. -.-

-Ren. :)

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