I'd rather be a fool

by - Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'd rather be a fool and live being hurt
than to be wise and live being hated.

I'd rather love and make others happy
than to be self-serving and disappoint others.

I'd rather smile and act cheerful
than to be an emo-much and cause attention.

I'd rather look ugly, plump and simple
than to be beautiful, sexy that is being toyed.

I'd rather be clueless and senseless
than to know everything and dream an impossible dream.

I'd rather be dumb and numb in everything
than to be a feeler to something but actually I'm wrong.

Because being wise makes me think that
I'd rather be her.
She who never sacrificed anything but liked and loved my many.
She who never attracted attention but being the center of it.
She who everyone admired and adored.
She who have a thousand true friends.
She who I thought was never capable being a friend but actually the best one.
and most of all she who have the true love I never experienced before.

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