Bare Hands I

by - Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bare Hands
By Ren Concha

I scrutinized you with enticing eyes.
I looked at you from head to feet
I was drawn; was captivated; madness won
I went closer; and alas!

Desires can no longer be resisted.
Slowly, gently, faintly
I stroked your hair; fondle your cheeks; caress you in my arms,
then it started;

Began with a peck; gradually became passionate
your cold yet gentle lips became so hot;
then, my bare hands finally touched it,
I played with that pinky-brownie-thing along your chest
abruptly; so unexpectedly; became hard;

And yes, more desires ruled my thoughts
like having a naughty play with you;
I want you to whine, yet it didn't happen.
You blushed; became red.
You felt something weird.
Then, I wanted more...
again and again; we did it.

And i was unexpectedly feeling good~
yet something happened
the swift of your eyes became so seductive,
your face became so cute
it's so hard to resist.

Yet awfully this instance didn't lasted much longer.
And damn it~ I want more.
Treat this as a gift for our next farewell.
Remember it, cherish it, miss it, and love it.

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