personal: pray for me pls

I am taking UPCAT.
and USTET.

University of the Philippines.
and the University of Santo Tomas Philippines.

HOPE I CAN PASS! ^/////^
Please support and help me!

the exams here in abroad are held on October 11, 2010 at IPSJ (International Philippine School in Jeddah)

PLEASE HELP ME GOD and friends!


by Ren Concha

Never easy, never hard. it's just a matter of mindset.
Just like how you open a slippery or rusty faucet.
It's just a matter of a can do or can't do.
Strong resolve, strong will, courage and determination will do.

Life is just a complicated web with many holes.
In different lives, we come to play different roles.
I wonder why some can't bring themselves to accept
that we are all meant to experience the consequences of going right and left.

Let's see what we are meant to be, what we can, our potentials would be.
Let's go on, move forward, chin up, chest out, let's not flee.
Why not try to believe in ourselves and have confidence?
Be proud, stand strong, smile happily and to your old bad self say condolence.


"Poetry makes nothing happen;
yet, men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there."

Poetry is simply a couple of words in a beautiful pattern and rhythm which implies a deeper meaning in within. Playing along the lines of the poems are different emotions, different feelings, and different thoughts. The most usual thing that you can find or see in a poem, is the wonderful meaning of life. In the quote, it says that poetry makes nothing happen. It seems true since it's just a language of the heart and mind, yet men die miserably everyday for lack of what is found there because in poetry you can see, feel, and understand the inner beauty and grace of life. Maybe you know that nothing happens; yet unconsciously, your soul is gaining something valuable, something significant, something beautiful. Usually when we read poems, we can relate, and as the poem goes on, as the rhythms flow, we can feel better inside. It can heal some pain or aches in our hearts, it makes us smile while reading it as we find it amazing, it touches not only our heart, amazes not only our mind but as well as our inner soul. It lifts up our spirits, we can find hope, faith and inspiration in between the lines. It can change some of our looks, points and views about life; it can even change something inside us. Yet still, it can't help that some may not appreciate or will find it just a waste of time. In the quotation, the phrase 'men die miserably' is just like a flower that you cared for and just withered. It's similar to that because the flower is just like our life and everyone cares about their own life. Understanding poems, going deeper in the field of poetry is like you're going into the another dimension of the world you're living in. You'll find figments of different things not found in your real world. It's like an adventure or a journey that is within the lines. It's even miserable if a man really die without even seeing or knowing the thing found beyond the verses of his life.

(some article i made around 2007 i think, found from my old stuffs, just sharin it out here.)


by Ren Concha

You have awaken this bright radiance from inside of me.
Just with one little kiss, you've won my heart so easily.
Isn't life too predictable and insane?
With one word "love" everything is around the lane.

In just one circle where only the two of us is inside,
A power in within shines off so brightly that we can't see the line.
It's just like a ribbon that's cut to half leaving us aside.
To conquer the very rest till the skyline.

Beneath, behind the clouds, I hope he is standing there (God).
Watching us together grow as time is passing.
With him just smiling up over there.
As he found our little story amusing.

My Queen

My Queen
by Ren Concha

You are my queen
In our castle unseen
Only the two of us is the king
In the kingdom we are dreaming

Be at ease, Our dream will come true
I know you'll love it I promise you
Harmony and peace we will experience
Love in the atmosphere at silence

Those days are soon my queen
As for now I'm your servant whom you can lean
Be carefree and rule me my mighty love
For I'm forever yours my love

Who Am I?

Who am I?
by Ren Concha

I am asked of what's my purpose.
I am questioned of my value.
I may be dead because of love.
Otherwise, it may be because of hatred.
Do you know who am I?

I am always hated,
always judged.
They say I'm cruel,
and so unfair.
Do you know who am I?

I may be in a state of darkness,
but I may be lead in light.
I may look distorted,
but my beauty will never vanish.
Do you know who am I?

Many tried to save me.
But many continuously tries to kill me.
Many keeps on destroying me,
but many still tries to change me.
Do you know am I?

I may be full of pain,
but I am also full of happiness.
If you can just find the courage,
to start over again and seek it.
Do you know who am I?

I am "Life"
if you figure out why,
here's a thought,
What do you commonly hear from people about what life is?

Sorry not Sorry

Sorry not Sorry
by Ren Concha

I don't know why but I can't feel it.
No spark, no flame, all pieces won't fit.
It's plain emptiness like in space.
It is the truth, puzzling, like in maze.

I hate that truth, for it is confusing me.
But everything isn't going smooth, it's tiring me.
So don't blame me if I walked away, closing my eyes.
I have to leave you astray and break our ties.

Yes, I'm Sorry, but I can't dig deeper, I can't do it.
I can't make up a lie and make you fall for it.
I like you, you are like my sister but that's all.
Nothing more than that, nothing at all.

Nais Magbago

Nais Magbago
by Ren Concha

Gusto kong lumigaya muli,
pero buhay ko'y puno ng pagkakamali.
Bakit ba ang hirap baguhin?
Ano ba ang dapat kong gawin?
Para maiba ang pananaw sa buhay.

Marami pa akong tinatago,
isa akong taong puno ng sikreto.
Gusto ko nang sabihin,
pero pano ko ito gagawin,
Kung wala namang nais makinig.

Boring, Korny, Nakakasawa.
Ayokong maniwala, tanga na kung tanga.
Kung alam lang nila kung ganu kasakit,
lahat ng sinabi nila aking naalala kahit nakapakit.
Ngayon, paano ko ba maiibsan ang kalungkutan..

Kahapon, ngayon, bukas, parehas lang.
Eksistensiya ko ay balewala lamang.
Para akong hangin hindi nila mapansinpansin.
Ni isa wala man lumalapit sakin.
Masakit, pero sa huli kailangan ko rin tanggapin..

Ngayon nakitingin na lamang ako sa kalangitan.
Nagdarasal na darating ang araw ng kaginhawaan.
Na bukas, maging isang taong kinakailangan.
Maging isang taong iyong maasahan..
Hindi na isang taong kay hirap mahalin..


no matter how beautiful the beast is,
i shouldn't have let myself get seduced by him.
because once i've come to my senses,
i'll lost any chance i ever had of escaping.