Who Am I?

by - Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Who am I?
by Ren Concha

I am asked of what's my purpose.
I am questioned of my value.
I may be dead because of love.
Otherwise, it may be because of hatred.
Do you know who am I?

I am always hated,
always judged.
They say I'm cruel,
and so unfair.
Do you know who am I?

I may be in a state of darkness,
but I may be lead in light.
I may look distorted,
but my beauty will never vanish.
Do you know who am I?

Many tried to save me.
But many continuously tries to kill me.
Many keeps on destroying me,
but many still tries to change me.
Do you know am I?

I may be full of pain,
but I am also full of happiness.
If you can just find the courage,
to start over again and seek it.
Do you know who am I?

I am "Life"
if you figure out why,
here's a thought,
What do you commonly hear from people about what life is?

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