Acknowledge Life

by - Saturday, November 06, 2010

Acknowledge Life
by Ren Concha

Life goes down, life goes up
There's no such thing as crap
We need to accept things as they are
Unless we do want a bloody war

We got so many choices to believe in
but we got such tiny faith to use from within
We walk many paths, we cross many bridges
But some gave up and wasted many chances

Let's get our spirits high cause we must stand up and fight.
Let's gather all the courage and go on through many lengths.
Cause life doesn't end that simply, we must collaborate and unite.
There's so much more in this world left to see with our own strengths.

Walk like a princess, gallantly but don't trip, it's a shame.
Flee through the sky, escape but don't evade, it's a knowledge.
Run as if you've just been freed from a cage, don't think it's lame.
Pause and stop, as if all freezes, then search for the message.

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