personal: awarding

Just got back home. Damn it. I wasn't satisfied with my grade. I'm only a Bronze medalist.  Well at least i'm best in computer skills! Anyways, I'm happy and contented. Yet thinking of being the seniors the next school year makes me anxious. I know I won't do well in calculus and in physics!   

Well it makes me kinda excited since I'm a sempai (isn't it senpai?, I don't know. )  

And now I promise! I'll do my best in studying!  Hehehe! Wai Wai! For now, I'll sleep first. I'm sleepy. Haha! 

Learn to wait

Learn to wait
By Ren Concha

Shake all those fears
Let joy replace them all
Wipe all those tears
Let your eyes call

Those feelings bitterly hidden
In your heart which is forbidden
Let your soul judge
Keep no grudge

Be not hurt
Feel no more pain
Don't let your eyes avert
Let the decision of your soul reign

Love who you want to love!
Don't stop, don't look away!
Don't just accept the other's love!
Because they'll be the one to stay!

Even if there's no little chance
Even though he says he wont
Things may change in a glance
Just learn to wait and wait!

Until the time comes that even
a bit of love is gone
But now and then
Just love only one.

Baby this won't decay!

Baby, this wont' decay!
By Ren Concha

Soon we'll part away
Baby I won't forget you each day
This is no caveat in our love
Far or near your still my beloved

By the time we are far away
Our seasons will change
Our memories would replay
The weather may change
Time may slow down
Even this coldness won’t melt down
Until you say
Yet this feeling won’t go astray

Be in reality or in fantasy
Just grasp my hand and let destiny understand
Even though storms may interfere and try to destroy it desperately.
Those two souls that love may never be separated that easily


By Ren Concha

The magnificence of the ocean is always changing,
By one look, one breath you'll see the meaning
With the sun, the waves, the weather, the season
The beauty and splendor found its own reason

As the moonlight shine in its water
You can see its reflection flicker
As the mood of the surrounding gets deeper
You’ll see, you'll feel, the one blooming flower

As seconds pass, along with this peaceful night
I can see shadows, dancing across those reflections
And as I look to my above & aside,
I saw and felt the trees, happily celebrating with us

Thoughts of ocean reminds me of you my dear,
Coz you're my moon & my star, my hope & my peace
And your love for me is my beacon that will clear
All obstacles along and seal it with a kiss.

Thanks for making me happy all this time.
Thanks for introducing me many things.
Thanks for the precious memories,
And now that we are back on this day again,
Let’s start all over again.