by - Sunday, March 07, 2010

By Ren Concha

The magnificence of the ocean is always changing,
By one look, one breath you'll see the meaning
With the sun, the waves, the weather, the season
The beauty and splendor found its own reason

As the moonlight shine in its water
You can see its reflection flicker
As the mood of the surrounding gets deeper
You’ll see, you'll feel, the one blooming flower

As seconds pass, along with this peaceful night
I can see shadows, dancing across those reflections
And as I look to my above & aside,
I saw and felt the trees, happily celebrating with us

Thoughts of ocean reminds me of you my dear,
Coz you're my moon & my star, my hope & my peace
And your love for me is my beacon that will clear
All obstacles along and seal it with a kiss.

Thanks for making me happy all this time.
Thanks for introducing me many things.
Thanks for the precious memories,
And now that we are back on this day again,
Let’s start all over again.

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