Ika'y sa akin, ako'y sayo, ngayon at magpakailanman.

Ika'y Sa Akin, Ako'y Sayo, Ngayon at Magpakailanman
by Ren Concha

Alam kong hindi ako pinagbigyan ng tadhana.
Pero ito ako ngayon, hinding-hindi na mawawala.
Sa mata mo, sa tabi mo, sa utak mo, at sa puso mo.
Mananatili akong tapat at mapagmahal sa iyo.
Ika'y sa akin, ako'y sayo, ngayon at magpakailanman.

Korny, Cheesy, kahit ano pang sabihin mo,
Sana'y umabot ang nararamdaman ko sa iyo.
Labis na katotohanan lamang ang aking sinasambit.
Labis na pagsusuyo ang taglay ng aking awit.
Pagkatandaan mo, ika'y sa akin, ako'y sayo, ngayon at magpakailanman.

Hindi ko sasabihing iaalay ko ang langit at mga bituin sa iyo.
Dahil simula't sapul hindi ito naging at magiging akin.
Sana'y mabigyan mo pa ako ng pagkakataon na iparamdam sa iyo,
Kung gaano kita kamahal at gaano ka kahalaga sa akin.
Muli, ika'y sa akin, ako'y sayo, ngayon at magpakailanman.

Video Games

Video Games
by Ren Concha

I love games, video games, sim games to be exact
Cause it moves my heart, lures out my teary act
Best part of it is, I can always restart every time I fail.
Many lives to use, and at least I can create my own fairytale.

So I won't stop playing, even if my hands go numb.
It's my only happiness, don't care even if you call me dumb.
I'll keep my world close, than open it and let the problems load.
I'd rather keep myself in fantasy, than in reality to abode.

Call me stupid, call me addict, call me names, it doesn't matter.
I have my own way of doing things, I'm not like you who's clever.
I don't understand complicated things and am lazy enough to do so.
Thus, I'll set my game in easy mode where there is no such sorrow.

Bare Hands III

That night was exceptional, especially when we joined together
All night long, we desperately, passionately searched for pleasure

Ever since that very night, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about you
Do you know how long I’ve waited? To be able to touch and kiss you like this again?

Look just how wet you are from simple smacks and kisses
Look, just having your nipples played with, give you many ecstasies.
Look at those teary eyes of yours, it is so attractive,
Looking at me like that, I can’t really resist, it is so seductive.

Now I want to make you cry, see more of your precious tears.
Let out and let me hear your most beautiful moans.
I desperately want to see that erotic sight again
Feel and taste that sweet nectar of yours once again.

And now it is really becoming the same as that wonderful night
Such another great masterpiece within sight
My body is wrapped up with very sweet tingles
Just from your red-hot and spicy kisses

Your eyes is clouded with so much passion
When I thrust my big stuff into you
You cried out like you were in pain.
And you sucked my cock in so tightly.

Being inside you is still wonderful as ever sweetheart
That night, I thrust so deep inside you so many times
I even actually thought I’ll break you apart
But I don’t care even if it’s one of the crimes.

by Ren Concha

*NOTE: Trippings lang to. This is for fun. But I am not experienced or whatsoever. I am just OBLIGED to continue the fun from Bare Hands I. Yea, obliged, because in my school, many likes it, and they are impatiently waiting for the next part. 

Play Girl

You are too easy to predict
There's nothing left to be interesting.
It seems I am incorrect.
You don't seem to be promising.

So then I walked out from your sight
Added your name in my collection
Wandering who's next that night
For tomorrow's playful action

Yeah I'm a girl, playgirl to be exact
Just a sweet revenge for you guys
Who played and hurt us women a lot.
So then get ready for another bunch of lies.

by Ren Concha


I seek adventure, I seek action, but what I found is romance.
I want to run, I want to escape, but destiny left me no chance.
I'm bound to this rusty chain, now I've become a prisoner of love.
I want to go, stop, be free, soar beautifully like a dove.

But life is crazy, so insane, now slowly I become madly in love.
Without knowing, I'm giving all that I have
But gradually, your presence is drifting away from me.
I'm afraid, I'm scared, now, I don't want to be free.

Being a prisoner doesn't matter to me anymore
But why, what are you leaving for?
Suddenly you left, next I'm free... now I feel so empty.
Crap fate, the hell with destiny...

by Ren Concha

Come to me.

Remove this sweet poison within me
Come, destroy this chain binding me
Unleash the hidden power inside you
Reign then come, take me to you

Make your mind wander to the farthest of the farthest
Make your heart beat with the rate of the fastest of the fastest
Come, climb, crawl, like an almighty scorpion
Don't stop, don't give up, just come and be my greatest possession.

Now hold my hand, don't dare let me go
I'll be gone, for sure you'll be a man of sorrow
Those power, those efforts and actions you made,
Will just be a part of our little and sweet serenade.

by Ren Concha

Seven clash of thoughts.

I am wrong.
I feel remorseful.
I really regret it.

First of all,
From the bottom of my heart, I deeply regret.
From the depths of my mind, I did doubt.
And all those reasons I made, are nothing but lies.

I admit, I did feign ignorance.
I know, you had thought of vengeance.
But your love for me prevailed,
yet reaching me still failed.
How can I say sorry?
Will you still accept me?

I miss you. It's because I need you. And it is all because I love you.
That's why I was damn happy when you told me you still love me.
My mind went blank, my eyes stared into space.
Your words echoed in my mind, and so, I seriously thought about it.
But I was damn frustrated, cause my mind badly, so badly rejects you.
You know why? Because I am still trapped in the state of what you call doubt.

In my dictionary, it says it's still infatuation.
These feelings I have for you is transitory.
Yes it exists now, but later, surely it will be gone.
Hey, tell me, how shall I interpret this?
Am I now running back and forth inside a maze of confusion?
Because I can't find my way, the right way going to you.

May I know what's doubt again?
Uncertainty about the truth, actuality or existence of something?
So now going back to you, don't you have someone special already?
Going back to me, does that mean, I am wasting efforts for nothing?
Then what's this uncertainty all about? Does the truth even involves me?
Now that I think about it, no it isn't! It became a wall that I can't even break!

Damn, I can't understand what I'm saying anymore.
My mind is clouded with many clashing thoughts.
What shall I do? I am becoming insane.
Though this is a freestyle writing, does an ordinary human like you,
can even understand the meaning?

Seventh, lastly...
So infuriating, I can't find the right words to say.
Now, all I know is that I changed my perception.
About things, about the world, and about love.
It's hard to figure out. It is a continuous cycle of doubt and lies.
But that is what makes it interesting.
On how to make those doubts disappear, how to make those lies useful
into making one's love a profound evidence of distorted beauty.


The night is so long to go.
The day is soon to finish.
What shall I do?
I just want to vanish.

Into thin air, can you feel my breath?
I'm exhaling hard, inhaling hard...
I feel like I'm near to death
Will you save from being retard?

I just feel nothing now,
I just want to die.
I'm now taking a bow
With a peaceful sigh.

by Ren Concha

Losing Grasp

I can't conquer my weakness.
But I know God is my witness.
He knows this pain I'm going through.
He has plans for me even though I'm blue.

I lost, I am a failure and that's what I think.
But God has plans for me, and again that's what I think.
I suck, I am always negative inside,
but what i'm pretending is positive outside.

I am facing the truth, but the courage that I used
emptied all of me, I am not anymore amused.
Now I dont know what to feel.
I am just nothing, Nothing but a person from hell.

 by Ren Concha