Bare Hands III

by - Friday, August 27, 2010

That night was exceptional, especially when we joined together
All night long, we desperately, passionately searched for pleasure

Ever since that very night, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t thought about you
Do you know how long I’ve waited? To be able to touch and kiss you like this again?

Look just how wet you are from simple smacks and kisses
Look, just having your nipples played with, give you many ecstasies.
Look at those teary eyes of yours, it is so attractive,
Looking at me like that, I can’t really resist, it is so seductive.

Now I want to make you cry, see more of your precious tears.
Let out and let me hear your most beautiful moans.
I desperately want to see that erotic sight again
Feel and taste that sweet nectar of yours once again.

And now it is really becoming the same as that wonderful night
Such another great masterpiece within sight
My body is wrapped up with very sweet tingles
Just from your red-hot and spicy kisses

Your eyes is clouded with so much passion
When I thrust my big stuff into you
You cried out like you were in pain.
And you sucked my cock in so tightly.

Being inside you is still wonderful as ever sweetheart
That night, I thrust so deep inside you so many times
I even actually thought I’ll break you apart
But I don’t care even if it’s one of the crimes.

by Ren Concha

*NOTE: Trippings lang to. This is for fun. But I am not experienced or whatsoever. I am just OBLIGED to continue the fun from Bare Hands I. Yea, obliged, because in my school, many likes it, and they are impatiently waiting for the next part. 

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