Seven Reasons

Seven Reasons
By Ren Concha

Thanks for everything.
Thanks for the love and caring.
I appreciate it very much.

First of all,
From the first time we talked,
I thought you were one weird person,
For you asked me if I can be your lover.
Yet, I was so sad to know that you're just one
of the victims of the heart that destroys.

Second of all,
I want to show you the beauty of this world.
I want to show you what a true friend is.
I want to show you what a trust can do.
I want to show you the link that
connects the souls of humans.

I never expected that you would love me.
I never thought that you would be so sincere like this.
I never thought you're that passionate.
I never thought that you're one great person
Whom in the very first, and very end, I admired.

Yet, I can't return back the feelings of yours.
I'm just here receiving it, and that's what I regret.
I don't want you to get hurt. I want to do something for you,
like what you did to me.

Yet, I have no time nor chance to do all of that.
My moments, my seconds, my chances are
all dedicated to the person I love.
I, myself, my own can't walk away from
the person I treasured now and even before I've met you.
I regret doing this to you.
But simply I can't.

I know you'll understand me!
And I know that it would take a time
to really forget the feeling of love.
Yet, I know you're destined one will surely come,
and fetch you from your broken shell
and carry you to your better world
and show you beauty you've never seen.

When that time comes,
Expect I'm behind your back,
Pushing you through and catching you through.
While by your side is your fated person,
Laughing with you, smiling with you, enjoying with you.

Star of my Valentine

Star of my Valentine
By Ren Concha

Sweet Valentines
Corny Pick-up lines
Romantic Date
Caramel Chocolate
Scented Letters
Huge Teddy Bears
Strawberry Cake
Blueberry Cheesecake
Red Roses

Only If I can spend each little second with you
I would do anything and everything just to pursue
The happiness and joy, the smiles and laughter
We both dreamed of

This passion, sincerity and love will never fade
Even if chances, moments, and times itself forbade
Because no matter what the circumstances are
I'll bring you what you desire

Thanks, my love, for being the star of my valentine
I'm here, very grateful for this splendid time
Wondering how our fates and destinies entwine
And how our feet crossed the line


by Ren Concha

Excited? No, i'm not.
It's just a damn dance.

An invitation
for a little celebration.

Too much expenses
for a little experience.

Too much expectations
Then later full of discriminations.

Too much transformation,
there comes admiration.

Too much fun.
yet later done.