by Ren Concha

A rainbow without rain.
A love without pain.
A true smile that radiates.
A true bliss that elates.

The world is innocent.
So better not be silent.
Release your voice.
Dance and rejoice.

Someday your wishes will be heard.
All your fears will be conquered.
Someday miracles will happen.
And hearts won't be broken.

Someday the thorns won't prick.
No one would be weak and sick.
Someday life will change like a magic.
No one will end up tragic.

Lead our hopes in that someday
Until then stay strong and pray.
Nothing is impossible.
Everything is possible.

Nagising na

Nagising Na
by Ren Concha

Ilang araw na ba ang nakalipas?
Simula ng aking talikuran ang landas
na tinatahak kong akala ko'y mabuti,
yun pala'y dulot sakin ay pighati.

Wala ng makakapagpabago pa sa nakaraan.
Ganun rin sa desisyon kong ika'y talikdan.
Nakipagkaibigan at sumama ako sa iyo,
sa aking buong akala na sasaya ako.

Hindi ko inintindi ang mga sakit noong una.
Ngunit nang nagtagal hindi ko na maiwasang lumuha.
Sinuway ko ang aking mga magulang,
upang sa iyo lamang ay huwag magkulang.

Ngunit anong iyong ginawa sa akin,
walang awang ako'y iyong inalipin.
Ngunit ngayon nagising na ako sa katotohanan,
na ika'y isang kalokohan lamang.

Badly Missing You V

Just a few moments ago,
I’ve called you.
And when you said hello,
I became a statue.

I never imagined that I really have missed you.
Never thought it was so true.
If only you knew,
how hard this pain I’ve been goin through.

Second by second that I’m hearing your voice,
made me stand up from my seat and get a tissue.
For I look like an idiot crying in rejoice,
now wiping these tears, thinking of going to you.

As if we were in a fairytale, fighting in full scale.
Making our dreams come true, making us breakthrough.
All throughout I just want you to know that this tale,
would never ever end even with a simple I love you.


Badly Missing You IV

Badly Missing You the 4th
by Ren Concha

It ’s so refreshing to my eye,
that I can't help but cry.
Because it's 7:30 am and I can't see you,
no presence at all, no hi, no hello, no you.

I was looking for you.
I was searching for you.
But we are miles away,
that I couldn't accept this way.

Sometimes I asked myself if there's really forever,
then I remembered those times we've been together.
While reminiscing those memories, I’ve come to know the funny answer.
It is being with you is the meaning of my forever.

Badly Missing You III

Now how I wish I could see you,
for my soul is getting bluer and blue.
Without you I’m terribly terrified,
and gotta be ok if you were just by my side.

Thinking of what to do, I sit down in my chair.
I get the calendar and count the days.
I counted and counted, till then I wasn't aware,
that tears were falling so fast as if there was a race.

Soon as I noticed, I wiped these tears streaming in my face.
Then I remembered how you wiped my tears from those days.
I was so freaking hurt coz I want you again to wipe these tears,
how I hope you were here to stop these conquering fears

I was crying so hard that even my breath can’t take place…
I was so scared, so afraid, so much that I need your embrace...


Badly Missing You II

As lay in bed,
I can’t get rid of this habit,
which is thinking of you.
And I wonder why in any circumstances,
I simply can't get rid of this feeling
which is missing you.
Even if I reach out to the moon,
the sun won't still shine for me.
I wonder if I can fix this tune,
so I can hear no stops in the cd.
In short I want no blocks,
for I’ll destroy all locks,
that keeps you in a distorted cage,
and keeps me disturbed in stage.
I want to see you,
and that's because I miss you.
And that's reason why I need you.
And it's all because I love you.