Badly Missing You III

by - Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Now how I wish I could see you,
for my soul is getting bluer and blue.
Without you I’m terribly terrified,
and gotta be ok if you were just by my side.

Thinking of what to do, I sit down in my chair.
I get the calendar and count the days.
I counted and counted, till then I wasn't aware,
that tears were falling so fast as if there was a race.

Soon as I noticed, I wiped these tears streaming in my face.
Then I remembered how you wiped my tears from those days.
I was so freaking hurt coz I want you again to wipe these tears,
how I hope you were here to stop these conquering fears

I was crying so hard that even my breath can’t take place…
I was so scared, so afraid, so much that I need your embrace...


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