Alumni Homecoming Speech in our English Subject.

my shot. :)) guess what? this shot is from a painting :))

Alumni Homecoming Speech
            Good afternoon to all my fellow schoolmates, batch-mates, to all the teachers, to the principal, and to the directress. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to address you today. Batch-mates, I hope you don’t mind even if today’s auspicious occasion is our reunion and teachers, fellow schoolmates, I hope you don’t mind if in any case I’m disturbing your classes. Mrs. Belma A. Regis, on behalf of my batch mates, thanks for inviting us to our dear Alma Mater and for asking me to deliver a speech of inspiration to my fellow schoolmates. I feel privileged and happy to be standing here, representing the batch 2010-2011 and I am grateful that you could all be here this morning to listen.

           As an introduction, in case you don’t know me, my name is Ren. For starters, I would describe myself as a little wanderer in a large city, ordinary citizen in an extraordinary country, one tiny creature in the one huge universe, but look out at the future, because from a little wanderer, I'm going to be an elite lawyer, from an ordinary citizen, I'm going to be the president of the country, and from a one tiny creature, I'm going to be the one who will change the world. It's not a DREAM, it's a REALITY. I’m just waiting for the season when I’ll hatch from this egg or when I’ll break through this shell. And that’s what I thought years back when I graduated from this school. Unfortunately, I am just one of the “with honors” when I graduated from high school, therefore I didn’t have the chance to express myself back then. But fortunately, you might not believe this, but what I’m going to say is nothing but the truth. I graduated from University of the Philippines in Manila as a Summa Cum Laude with the course of Business Management/Administration. In case you don’t know what Summa Cum Laude is, it is the valedictorian or the highest rank when you graduate in college, with grades ranging from 1.00-1.20 or 97% to 100%. Are you surprised? As for me, I am surprised; I can’t believe that I am the top student of this prestigious school. And this, I owe to my dearest Alma Mater, Al Hekma International School, for lighting up the flame of my soul therefore leading me to unleash the hidden potential sealed within me.

              It is not as easy as you think, I worked to my bones, and I lived my life like hell. Therefore, it became fruitful enough. It just justifies that if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. And again, I will be studying Law Proper in Ateneo University the next school year. Wish me luck, and hopefully I’ll graduate again as a Summa Cum Laude. In case you’re wondering why, as I said in my introduction, I want to be an elite lawyer and someday the president of the country. Therefore I must take these steps and endure all of these.

              Present students of Al-Hekma, I hope you won’t forget that you will inevitably face loads of trials, hardships, obstacles, difficulties and challenges along the route of your careers, for with the honor of becoming one with your dream comes with tremendous and rattling responsibility. Remember when you achieve your goal, accomplish it with pride. Through the years, you invested your time, you polished your skills, and you have set your own goals and met each and every challenge with courage and determination to overcome those that you’ve encountered along the way. Always bear in mind that success is never measured out by fulfilling the expectations of others, but by sincerely and honestly living up to your own expectations. Moreover it is not a place at which, one can come to, but instead it is the state and spirit which one undertakes to continue his journey. In result of becoming true and honest with yourself, of becoming a man or woman of integrity, you have made through it and earned this moment with the right to be proud of your fulfillment.

             One advice from your senior, while going through every circumstances in your life, use both your head and heart, not one over the other. Be balanced and fair about everything and don’t be bias. Don’t ever judge. And if you do, don’t even think that you are just observing and can’t help it. When you observe, don’t judge, but instead understand why and accept it from the bottom of your heart. If you give the people around you your respect, trust, love, friendliness, forgiveness and loyalty, you will be surrounding with people who value these qualities and return the favor back to you. If you do everything within your own principle, dignity and conviction, your thoughts and actions will reflect it. If all your words contain truthfulness and consideration, people will welcome you into their presence. If you came from a place of steadfastness, perseverance, and faithfulness, you will surely withstand any challenge and overcome any trials and obstacles. If you bring to your work diligence, excellence, enthusiasm, confidence, obedience, reliability and modesty, your work will show it and your livelihood will prosper.

               I am hoping and expecting that you will all live your lives to the fullest, to your hearts’ content and to take the course of life that will guide and lead you to your desired destination. For your futures, I hope you won’t be discouraged and continue on pursuing your dream and make it real. I hope you won’t think that there’s any limit to your success, because even the mighty sky is not the limit. You can make it, just attempt and try hard and most importantly, pray to God.

                Remember that some may try to negatively influence you. So you must be aware of the dangers and temptations of the world. Be confident and follow your own lead. Stand up for what you believe, and listen to your own voice. Have faith and know you are never alone.

             Finally now, I’ll share you my essay. Life runs along the way, last for miles, but as for some it cuts short, and for others so short. So let's look ahead. With our wishful dreams and hopes for the future. The darkness of sorrow, the light of happiness. The swift breeze of morning, the warm atmosphere of noon. And now we've come across the path. All things we ought to know, now full of doubts. Tears fall so heavily yet no one sees. Cries, echo, ears itself can't hear. Broken hearts all around. Shatters and fall all around us. As they fall to their knees, clutching their chests and weep in pain, does no one see? Both broken life and broken dream? As we are a part of nature, the sky cries a broken song, as we cry along to its shattering melody, studded rhythm and of a once beautiful love song. And as our relationships broaden there comes our friends. Friends may come and go, some move along with their lives, leaving us behind. Yet some stay and never let go. Hands reach out as others never even try. And everyone has a family. A father that holds a young and talented daughter. A mother that holds a strong and proud little boy. The future's bequest that they do see yet you do not see. The world turns and spins. And in the middle is where we stand. In a twisting web, a tree of life.

To my fellow batch mates, classes of Neon, Nickel, and Nitrogen, “Be happier than ever, live a healthy life! Thanks to you, my life is pretty messed up before and fun right now.”

To my teachers and the new ones, “Thanks for showing me the world in front of my eyes, I hope you’ll continue to inspire more students!”

To my fellow schoolmates, one phrase to all of you, “It is your time to shine!”

(Thank you)

-created by Ren.

[P.S. i'm just a 4th year highschooler right now :))]

Playing The Game of Life

It's not whether you win or lose, its how you play the game.

Playing The Game of Life

Along with choosing your the goal of your life, you get to choose how you will play the game. The popular saying goes " the means justifies the end", and in this case ... how you play the game changes the game itself. Think about it. If you steal and cheat ... your life is going to be spent thinking about how to steal and cheat and avoid getting caught. And if you are caught, you are going invest a lot of time and emotions in handling the unpleasant consequences.

Why Choose To Develop Virtues?

Simply put, if you develop and use virtues in your day to day life ... your path becomes smoother. People will both like and respect you ... and welcome you into their lives. It will be easy to get along with people ... and spot the ones to avoid. 

It is a fact that some people just do not get it ... and they bring chaos, turmoil, drama and toxic energy and events into your life. You know the ones -- everything wrong is because of someone else. 

For a bird's eye view of the virtues and how using them can improve the way you play as well as the game of life itself ... see how they help you get along better with your fellow man and thrive on the planet. 

Shall we get started?

  • Right Concentration : If you focus your attention on peacefulness, responsibility, detachment and tolerance ... your life is going to attract people and events with these qualities into your life.
  • Right Relationship : If you offer the people around you respect, caring, trust, honor, love, friendliness, forgiveness and loyalty ... you will surround yourself with people who value these qualities and offer them to you in return.
  • Right Intention : If all your words and actions come from an attitude of service, trustworthiness, fairness, purposefulness, determination and cleanliness ... people will sense this and respond in kind.
  • Right Mindfulness : If you keep in mind ... and thus your thoughts and actions reflect ... idealism, reverence, self-discipline and gratitude -- you are going to attract people and situations where these virtues are valued, needed and rewarded.
  • Right Thinking : If your thoughts reflect your innate courage, creativity, honesty and generosity ... your speech and actions will demonstrate them to the people around you more clearly than if you shouted it from the treetops.
  • Right Speech : If all your words reflected and embodied truthfulness ... tact ... helpfulness ... understanding ... thankfulness ... and consideration ... people will notice it and welcome you into their presence.
  • Right Effort : If you come from a place of steadfastness, resourcefulness, perseverance, moderation, and faithfulness ... you can withstand any challenge and overcome any obstacle.
  • Right Action : If all your actions reflect the integrity, courtesy, kindness, gentleness, justice and mercy you believe everyone is entitled to ... you will get these same qualities in return from your fellow man as well as the universe.
  • Right Livelihood : If you bring to your work diligence, excellence, enthusiasm, confidence, obedience, reliability and modesty ... your work will show it and your livelihood will prosper.
  • Right Timing : If you embrace the qualities of humility, and balance patience with assertiveness, and orderliness with flexibility ... you will act in harmony with the events and trends around you.
  • Right View : If you view the world with joyfulness and see the inherent unity of all things ... then you will start to see a new world and heaven will appear out of thin air before you.

The most

The most destructive habit: Worry

The greatest joy: Giving

The most endangered species: Dedicated Leaders

Our greatest natural resource: Our Youth

The greatest "shot in the arm": Encouragement

The greatest problem to overcome: Fear

The most effective sleeping pill: Peace of Mind

The most crippling disease: Excuses

The most powerful force in life: Love

The most destructive pariah: Gossip

The most incredible computer: Human Brain

The worst thing to be without: Hope

The deadliest weapon: Tongue

The two most powerful words: Can Do

The greatest asset: Faith

The most worthless emotion: Self-Pity

The worst thing you can lose: Self-Respect

The most satisfying work: Helping Others

The ugliest personality trait: Selfishness

The most beautiful attire: A Smile!

The most prized possession: Integrity

The most contagious spirit: Enthusiasm

The most powerful communication: Prayer

So don't give up.

Don't lose hope too easily.
I believe that if you persevere,
you'll definitely succeed.
They're only two types of people.
Those who work hard 
and those who don't.
I can't say I'm the strongest.
But this is my responsibility.
If you want to cry, do it in my arms.
Tell me your troubles.
If you feel insecure, I'll hold you tight.
So don't give up.


Swinging makes me remember my childhood. It's so funny that I'm too happy before. But now I can't find a glimpse of real happiness in this heart of mine.

I feel like an idiot when I watch my shadow while I'm swinging up and down then I came to realize that I'm laughing and enjoying it.

Im wondering if I can do the same with life, that even though I am at the top or even down, I can still smile and enjoy the feeling. :)