If I can Just Withdraw my Farewell

If I Can Just Withdraw My Farewell
by Ren Concha

I wish I had never said farewell.
It made me sad since you never did tell,
what you really feel, what you really want
All this time, I wish you'd be blunt

I am sad, goodbyes do hurt too much
Now I know, now I fall, who's to catch?
Poor me, left alone with sullen wishes
Pity me, slowly dying to ashes.

Sitting near the fire I continue to think
Whether it is right to go off and sink
I wonder if I just need to let go, stand and move on
Or if I can't do it, so just sit back, relax, and wait on...


by Ren Concha

Failure from a test,
deprived from nature's best,
left with discrimination among the rest.

Loads of potential within me
No one has ever appreciate nor see.

Acknowledgment, I need more.
Love and Care, I long for.
Waiting for someone to open my door.

Whatever nonphysical things I do want,
Yes it comes to me, but scant.

It is painstakingly hard to continue leading this harsh way.
Every step leaves a scar that won't stop hurting even a day.
Agony and anguish, grief and sorrow, only the eyes do portray.

Whenever happy or unhappy, it doesn't matter, people don't care
In this huge world, I don't belong, I don't have a share.

Torment of a Night

Torment of a Night
by Ren Concha

Love at first sight
Enjoy at one night
Trust of the foolish woman
Disgust of the playful man

A loitering shadow
Reflection near the window
Fantasies at dark
Fire with no spark

Tormented Soul
Blackening Charcoal
Jinx and Hades
Cutters and Blades