Shy Man's Toughness

by - Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wherever you are, no matter what happens, I'll still find you and get you back into my arms again~

You are different from the other girls I've met,
In my whole life, you were the first to touch my soul.
Things have gotten good, bad, better and worst,
Yet you never showed weakness neither pain nor hesitance.

I am enlightened, to think that someone like you still exists.
In this world, I couldn't find anyone better and best than you.
You are my red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.
You completed the colors missing in my lone white and black world.

It may seem cheesy, but I wonder how can I say this to you.
I never did confess in my whole life, and later, I am about to.
I am afraid you reject me, I am afraid you don't even like me.
That's why I'll wait no matter how long, for this infatuation to bloom into love.

So, sorry if I was harsh in any way, but I need to be tough.
Cause a man like me is shyly, madly and truly in love with a woman like you.
So, even if I crash the places you are hiding from,
And steal you from your silent and frightened shell,
Don't be afraid, I won't make you cry, I won't harm you, I won't bite, because I respect you.
I love you <3 p="">

by Ren Concha

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