Moi Description

by - Monday, November 15, 2010

Moi Description
by Ren Concha

I regard my hobbies as my very own passion.
That's why people told me I have a weird obsession.
But I don't care, I'm happy and it's because of various reasons.
They are my true friends, their presence shines in all seasons.

I play drums and never get tired of it each session.
I love cute stuffs, anime, manga, in short I am an otaku in action.
I dream of being a president, I am afraid of no cautions.
I am a creature of grandeur, I won't be someone of foolish treasons.

Before I was such a little bitchy girl with fair complexion.
Now I am a big matured girl who changed because of devotion.
Looking back in the past of my life which I colored with crayons,
It transformed with rainbow colors and is now full of stars of zillions.

With those little things in life I set my eyes with admiration,
I never thought of those as my secret obligation.
This passion was made out of my pure and untainted dedication.
And thus set my humble declaration.

It was my lone intention not to be someone of the world's pollution.
That's why I have made no violation of rules, no need for negotation.
I am the one and only product of the universal collision.
I seek of the one and only truth of reality's illusion.

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