by - Tuesday, September 14, 2010

by Ren Concha

Never easy, never hard. it's just a matter of mindset.
Just like how you open a slippery or rusty faucet.
It's just a matter of a can do or can't do.
Strong resolve, strong will, courage and determination will do.

Life is just a complicated web with many holes.
In different lives, we come to play different roles.
I wonder why some can't bring themselves to accept
that we are all meant to experience the consequences of going right and left.

Let's see what we are meant to be, what we can, our potentials would be.
Let's go on, move forward, chin up, chest out, let's not flee.
Why not try to believe in ourselves and have confidence?
Be proud, stand strong, smile happily and to your old bad self say condolence.

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