where is this place?

by - Monday, November 16, 2009

"if i cant give you the stars from the sky,
i'll just bring you there, just don't cry..."

you've given me the light
that given me utmost might

you've given me the love
deeper than the ocean waters have

you've made me glow
made my inner self show

you've given me the stars
and made me felt like i'm in Mars.

hotness and brightness
all shimmering and brimming.
sparkles in our romance
is what i am awaiting
timing of our togetherness
can forever be endless.
for i'll bring you to this land,
where the two of us
would start over again. =)

i want to show you as well,
that the things above our heads,
can also be reached in lands as we lead.

"Let's have a superb journey together!
let's sail to unknown seas, travel to unfamiliar lands,
let's come across, stumble upon the treasure hidden along the quest!"

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