cloudy sky

by - Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cloudy Sky
hazy, misty, gloomy, and vague
the sun hidden behind the clouds
the ray of light shining across the sea
and it's reflection amidst the water
like mirrors trapped underneath 
concealed with ambiguous gist

another day with a dark cloudy sky
along with wind of vicious gust that cries
and towers thrusting skyward
giving signs that its about to rain hard

when rain starts to drop, dusk is next
the milieu starts to fall into blackness
and soon everyone feels pensive as darkness is approaching.

we have no boundaries in our thoughts
and same for our feelings that is without bounds.
i am wondering and pondering in thoughts

why do the sun needs to hide
behind the clouds when it rains?
resembling the question
why do hopes and light needs to hide
behind those lies when it's dark and hopeless?

i am so weary to reason, contemplate and mull over
but still my curiosity to this uncertainty in life
drives me to exploring reality beyond illusory

"answer the genuine truth that lies within
don't let the mirrors trap you in
or else in your eyes and soul nothing can be seen."

by Ren

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