What I Learned Love is

by - Saturday, January 23, 2010

What I Learned Love is
By Ren Concha

When are you going to stop crying?
Why wait for someone who isn't coming,
Why won't you see me? Just so you know,
I'm waiting for you who is waiting for him.

Just move on! You should stop!
That person won't come.
Just let me be the one to hold you tight
And make me be the one you wait for every night.

I'll take that person's spot and seat in your life.
I'll do it and I will always be right by your side.
I won't leave you like that person did.

I'll walk with you into the twilight's darkness.
I'll take your hand and make you feel happiness
Just the thought of us being together
Makes me cry tears that last forever

My heart that's seeing you like this can't take it no more
It is hurting the very same way as yours
My gaze, my eyes, my heart, and my soul that is looking at you
is the same as your gaze, eyes, heart, and soul
that looks at the seat that person left.

Can you please turn around and look at me now?
Please give me a chance too! I'll take a bow!
I'll cover up the scar that person left in you with pride.
I'll take it upon myself, making up for it forever by your side
So give me a chance...

I want to give you everything I have
And shower you with all my love
Even if you remember the painful memories
I'll definitely erase them all and throw them in seas
Where it'll continue to live on, oh how much I pray this.

How I hope you could hold this heart.
Yes I'm weak so please don't depart.
I love you this much and my heart is still like this
If you are by my side I know there's nothing I’ll miss
Even if something happens out of the blue
I can reach out as long as it is you
Even after today and till whenever
I know we'll love each other forever

With that brightest smile of yours sparkling my world
With the endless shower of flowers in my world
I curse this path that we've always walked on
Dye it with the brightest light ever live
For your sake I absolutely live and survive.
I want to do anything for you
and this was what I learned what love is.

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