My last shot.

by - Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Last Shot
by Ren Concha

I did anything and everything,
and there's one more thing left.
I shoot, aiming for the moon
purposely missing to land among the stars.

though, I purposely missed it,
I never expected that it would land in that place,
yet, luckily, I'm thankful, coz it landed
in the place where it really belongs.

and it's not just a star,
it's where the star was born.
it is your heart, your soul that shines.
it's where it landed to.

finally with that, my last shot,
my heart which I have used to shoot
have entered the world
where it really belongs.
where it is wanted.
Where it is not forgotten.
where it is needed.
and where it is forever loved.

and as I open my eyes,
I found myself in a paradise.
beside him, beside Jesus,
as he let me know, by dreams,
what treasure I have found
in the journey, I had back on Earth...

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