You do not deserve me

by - Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A thousand years is what it feels
After being ignored and now back to normal
A million tears in between those smiles
After playing dumb and now being real

Meaningless, significant imagination lingers
In this dull memory, and now purposely caters
To both mind and soul, it deliberately delivers
Telling me the unrealized truth that only matters

That a person like you isn’t even half-deserving
To someone like me who keeps on trying
To give love more than anything and everything
All left to say is, “You lose, and I win.”

know why? you're so stupid to not notice me.
You're such a foolish person to only ignore me,
play with me and say things that only makes me
expect something. I'm not 'feeler', but
anyone who is in my position will really
assume that way. But one thing that matters,
You lose because I really don't like you
or even loved you after all.
And I win because I hurt your selfish pride
and useless ego.

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