by - Sunday, September 11, 2011

My life remains to be in agony. Pain is my best friend. Happiness is my enemy. I never thought I would be like this. No one to hold to. No one to talk with especially during this times. Will someone ever recognize me and make me feel the butterflies in my stomach? Will someone ever give me a rose and a chocolate just to make me smile? Will someone ever just embrace me and listen to me cry? Will someone ever hold my hand and open my eyes to show me that the world is beautiful. Will someone ever tell me that they wanna be with me all the time? Will someone ever love me more than I love them? Really, life is frustrating. Nothing's perfect. But as cruel as it seems, nothing's even close to perfect. Everything is the same. In reality, there's no such ideal things or human. I'm bound to go away from the world of fantasy. and I'm bound to linger and savor every pain in reality.

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